The Attorney General of the country, Union of Capital Ombudsmen IV. During his visit to Barranquilla to attend his meeting, daisy hairrequested this Friday citizen security It is a priority for country institutions in Colombia.

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According to the head of the Public Ministry, the capacities of the Public Power and the judges in the country were exceeded, because also in his words, sense of impunity at the national level in terms of murders and extortion that require immediate action.

Therefore, the responsibility to take measures according to their own criteria falls to the units of the national order. drug trafficking culture to reclaim territories.

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One of the measures that your office will take in the coming days is to meet with the Chief Public Prosecutor. Francisco Barbosa Delgadoto take action from each institution and thus see what is being done against criminal gangs and the increasing theft and murder.

“We need teams and dedicated dedication at the national level to face and deal with this new culture that wants to repeat itself. drug trafficking culture prevailing in our region and in our country; Institutions and the Office of the Attorney General will not allow this either,” he said.

He also showed interest at the local level during his time in that city, so he scheduled a meeting on 6 July. third desk securitythus, the actions taken to fight crime were not reported.

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It’s very worrying to think we’re going back to the times of drug cities.“The reign of micro-business and the conflicts of criminal gangs in a stagnant city like Barranquilla are causing the lawyer to come to look into the matter personally.”

Finally, Cabello questioned the work of the National Institute of Prison and Penitentiary (inpec), demanded strict control so that convicted criminals do not continue to threaten the civilian population.

It’s not the first time that the prosecutor has touched on the serious problem he sees in terms of security, as he also mentions it in meetings with regional leaders.

Source: Exame

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