Last Thursday, June 29, an act of intolerance took place in the nation’s capital involving an elderly adult and a man walking on the street. Salitre district.

The older adult was walking in the area when he suddenly stumbled and tried to hold on to a man who was walking a little farther to avoid falling. The immediate reaction of this subject is to hit the face of the man who is already on the ground.

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The elder’s daughter condemned the intolerance on Twitter:

I’m sharing this video of my dad instinctively trying to hold on to someone else who stumbled when he fell. that person is frightened and attacks him when he sees them defenseless in the act of violence“.

The woman stated that her father was helped by the local residents who witnessed the incident, and also, It was these people who stopped and confronted the man who beat him.

Here is the video showing what happened:

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Likewise, the victim’s daughter shared the footage of this subject leaving her father after beating her because despite the impact of the blows The man has no dangerous organs.

Finally, he reported that he was in the process of searching for the attacker to respond to his actions, and asked those who identified him to share information about his whereabouts.

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Source: Exame

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