When buying a used or used vehicle, in addition to considering the color, size, model and surface condition of the unit, There is an important element to consider: mileage, an indicator that lets you know how much the vehicle has been used.
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This importance is evident for the Bancolombia Group company Renting Colombia, which on their website publishes all the characteristics of this indicator and its importance when buying a used car.

“Be clear about the average annual mileage of a car Beyond the aesthetic details, it will give you an idea about her clothing. and damage that you can detect with the naked eye” indicates the company.

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Renting Colombia also announced what the annual mileage limit for a car in the country is. What is acceptable to them is that the unit used reaches about 20,000 kilometers.

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To calculate the number, you need to take the number the tachometer shows and divide it by the number of years it has been in use. If the result is greater than the figure mentioned above, you should consider the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bchoosing another. vehicle.

As noted, “The most likely thing is that the car will wear more and fail soon.“, this means an increase in costs that were not considered at the time of purchase of the car.

The company also warns that even if the model is apparently new, it will be necessary to look at this indicator because previous owner may have traveled great distances in a short time wear out the vehicle faster.


It should be noted that precisely because of the importance of this indicator, some unscrupulous people decided to change the figure to show that the car did not travel that many kilometers. Therefore, from the platform Autolab shares a set of tips to help you determine if mileage has been changed.

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First you will need to determine the state of interior elements such as the rudder and the rudder. lower ones like the gear lever and even the hoses, cables or plastics covering the modulesQ. If these are heavily worn and the mileage is showing very little, they have likely been modified.

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But there are also elements that leave traces due to their composition. Autolab, analog odometers, Those with a mechanical gear system, where the wheel advances a number on the counter with each turn of the wheel, can show if the mileage has been tampered with.

If the car isn’t that old, their system can integrate built-in digital odometers to prevent them from being taken apart and tampered with.

All these features can help you identify any irregularities that the vehicle you want to buy may have. The portal warns that it is always advisable to have the opinion of a qualified mechanic, who can guarantee your safety when purchasing.


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