Adobe Express is a free online design editing applicationIt allows users to create professional looking content in any format and without any prior experience.

Similar to Canva, this platform offers a wide variety of templates, tools, and features that make it easy to create visual pieces like ‘.flyers, graphics, presentations and videos.

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Adobe Inc. The “app” of “software” has a library of over 200 resources you can find. photos, illustrations, fonts and active icons to personalize offers recommends itself or creates your own projects from scratch.

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From here you can design “graphics for social networks, brochures, logos, posters, advertisements, banners, business cards and more”, allowing you to have versatility in terms of the ideas you want to implement on the platform, according to the official. page.Adobe.

Likewise, it offers the collaborative option that makes it easy to edit with several hands and work from anywhere as needed. Thanks to its online version, projects are automatically synchronized between web and mobile applications.

It is becoming more common to find digital tools integrated with AI as they have proven to be more practical in their functions.

Thus, among the innovations of this application; Adobe decided to add the option to create layouts based on AI language. This saves time when planning any drawing.

The new service, which is still in beta, “Create text effects and images from a productive annotation with Firefly”, Adobe’s AI system.

According to the tech-specialized portal ‘Xataka’, The function will allow you to change the appearance of fonts with simple written also triggers new graphics via certain ‘command prompts’.

Likewise, the platform will also be able to edit PDF files and include tools to remove background from photos as well as predefined animations.

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The latest version of Adobe Express can be tried for free on the desktop, but A monthly subscription of 50,000 Colombian pesos will be required to access all templates and resources. approximately.


Source: Exame

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