Death of ‘Mono’ JaramilloOne of Sabaneta’s most remembered cyclists mourns the passing of the cycling world in Colombia.

At age 68, a man from Antioquia died after having an accident with another cyclist who was downhill from Alto de Minas. And the details of what happened are repeated among cycling enthusiasts as a call to attention to life on the roads.

(In context: mourning on Colombian bike: ‘Mono’ Jaramillo died in an accident with another cyclist).

According to friends of Javier de Jesús Jaramillo, the accident, popularly referred to as ‘Mono’, occurred on the morning of Sunday, July 9th.

It seems that everything must have happened around 9 am on one of the bends of the road connecting La Pintada to Medellín.

Remembered for his fights at the national races of the sixties, Jaramillo collided with another cyclist who did not give him first aid.according to eyewitnesses.

Apparently, due to the blow, Jaramillo lost control of his bike despite wearing a helmet, fell and suffered a serious blow to the head.

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According to Luis Jaramillo, another descendant of ‘Mono’, one of the cyclists present there called Luis, one of ‘Mono’s sons’, on the ground and called him ‘El Colombiano’.

Since then, condolences have continued to come to the family.

Just a month ago, Colombian cyclists mourned the biker’s death German Chaves and his father, who was run over by a truck on the roads of Cundinamarca.


Source: Exame

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