Authorities were able to identify the man who was killed outside the Bodytech gym at around 2 pm on Monday, July 24. From the seventh race with 85th street north of Bogotá.

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According to preliminary information handled by the authorities, The victim was leaving the gym when approached by gunmen.

Police were present at the scene, cordoning off the area and identifying the victim as 57-year-old Luis Alberto Ortega García..

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According to the preliminary report, Ortega had forensic notes dating back to 2017. He was also engaged in trading luxury cars like Porsche.

In fact, the mayor, Claudia López, assured through her Twitter account that the victim had multiple notes.

EL TIEMPO learned that two men on motorcycles were waiting for Ortega outside the gym.

Stranded in Medellín, he went there twice a month‘ said a close friend of the victim.

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Moreover, “He was dedicated to selling luxury and sports cars like Porsche.“.

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Source: Exame

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