Gunfight on a busy street in Quito on Wednesday (August 9th) after a hitman killed the Ecuadorian presidential candidate., Fernando Villavicencio Valencia clashed with the bodyguards of the 59-year-old candidate, who allegedly were two hitmen. One of the alleged gunmen has died and has been identified as Colombian David Castillo López.

According to the police report, Castillo López received nine bullets that ended his life at the scene. The other alleged shooter survived the shootout and is recovering at a medical center.

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On Sunday, August 13, the commander of the Ecuadorian Police, General Fausto Salinas, reported that the hitman who assassinated the Ecuadorian presidential candidate and six other Colombians caught for this crime had an “endless criminal record”. in your country and in Ecuador.

At a press conference, Salinas announced that “different coordinations have been established through Interpol to reveal the police records in their hands”, but according to the data obtained from Colombia, the suspects have extensive records.

Andrés Manuel Mosquera, Adey Fernando García, Camilo Andrés Romero, Jules Osmin Castaño Alzate, Jhon Gregore Rodríguez and José Neider López aka Hito These are the six captured Colombian nationals.

As he reported Snail NewsHito, 19, aka Hito, a native of Valle del Cauca, Cali, killed the 59-year-old candidate by pulling the trigger on his head three times.

Local media in the neighboring country reported that López was arrested on 17 June in Ecuador for illegal possession of weapons, citing the authorities. However, he was released days later and returned to the capital, Valle del Cauca.

In Cali, particularly in the Potrero Grande neighborhood and other industries, the nickname ‘Hito’ may have recruited other mercenaries to possibly take part in the murder. The candidate of the Construye party. However, this fact was not clarified by the Ecuadorian authorities.

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EL TIEMPO reported that forensic records identified José Neider López, a Cali resident.

Last Thursday, a judge sent six Colombians detained by Police to jail as a preventive measure on suspicion of being financially responsible for the killing of the presidential candidate who was shot outside a rally on Wednesday in Quito.

A video of the arrest of one of the candidate’s alleged murderers is circulating on social networks.

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In the clip, a man in a yin and white jacket is seen being beaten on a street by a man who appears to be a bodyguard from Villavicencio. The man was hit by at least one bullet and he fell on a public road. At that moment, the man jumps on him and starts kicking.

Interior Minister Juan Zapata said: “The second step is to use all the information and evidence we have to achieve exactly that. to see if there are other writers behind it”.

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