What’s up is in the process of changing the way users interact with the app by introducing a long-awaited feature: use multiple accounts from the same Android device.

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This innovation was in the last beta version of WhatsApp for Android, and some users have already had the opportunity to try it.

In order to simplify the user experience, the ‘app’ is working on the implementation of new features. Among these options, “companion mode”, this allows you to link one account on two devices at the same time.

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It was also rumored last month that the platform was initially developing a similar feature that would allow the use of multiple accounts on a single device. focused on business version, WhatsApp Business.

Today, thanks to the latest WhatsApp for Android beta update available on the Google Play Store, this feature is starting to reach a growing number of Android users.

Adding a new account becomes a simple task: tapping the arrow icon next to the QR code button opens a menu showing the ‘Add Account’ option located below the main account currently set up on the device.

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From the same menu, users can switch between different accounts. Also new additions will remain active until users log out.

According to this feature WABetaInfoIt allows users to keep personal and business conversations separate and keeps notifications separate as well.

The rollout of this feature also marks a significant change in the way users manage their accounts. Instead of setting up each account separately on different devices, users they will be able to access all their accounts from a single app on their main device.

Although it is currently in the testing phase and is available to a select group of beta testers who have installed the latest version of WhatsApp for Android, the feature will reach all users of this operating system in the coming weeks.

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Source: Exame

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