It is common for mobile devices are overheating Sometimes, either because the processor is overworked or there is a problem with the charger.

But it may not be just part of the inner workings. It can also occur due to environmental influences.

During this peak summer season when Europe and parts of the northern hemisphere of the planet are facing strong heat waves, caution is required when exposing devices to the open air.

(You may be interested: these are the countries most affected by the heatwave, according to the UN).

Especially with cell phones, since these are allowed Exposure to direct sunlight can increase battery and CPU damage.

Prolonged use in the sun, placing near the radio while driving, or leaving it outdoors may cause your device to overheat.

Sometimes such actions without you noticing cause the temperature of the phone terminal to rise, which can cause problems. permanent on its internal components, especially the battery and processor.According to the specialist tech portal ‘Xataka’.

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Ideally, the mobile phone should not work where direct light enters, and always try to protect him from the rays by staying in the shade.


These tricks will not only prevent your phone from overheating but also help it cool down if it has been affected by heat.


Source: Exame

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