Team of univ materials research in ZOLS They tried 25 to study the underground in this place. In such respected ones, special networks are found, which, when the “nipple” rises, decreases for all living people to get acquainted with them.

So far, only two individuals of the new abomination have been found, and this is a small thing, since it is only 2 meters in diameter and has bizarre thin limbs. These insects are septic, they are the last pockets of nothing. His son, the Harry Potter antagonist Ant, received the name Leptanilla Voldemort.

What are the most common cases of detecting leptanilla preparations and analyzing their anatomy? suggested that this is a very formidable predator? The ant has too powerful jaws for its frail body, hardly a specialist. This is analyzed during the construction and opening of the tunnel. Sorry, the monster sat down so I could feed on it. It is unlikely for them to drag centipedes along 33 holes underground on their own under s.

Leptanilla Voldemort

Source: Tech Cult

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