Since the beginning of 2023, Google announced a number of changes to their platform regarding user activity the same.

in MayIt has been learned that the company plans to change the usage parameters In the photo ‘app’ that automatically syncs with Drive, the official file cloud.

Now plans to change the amount of inactivity allowed on accounts mail that has not been used for more than two years.

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This means that a user does not log into their Gmail, Drive, or any other app within the specified time.the company will delete the profile in question regardless of the data it contains.

It confirmed that it plans to hide such information until the end of the year, in accordance with an update of its policies last May.

“From the end of this yearif a Google account has not been used or signed in in two years we can delete it The document states that it sits alongside your content, including data from “Google Workspace” (Gmail, Docs, Drive, Meet, Calendar) and “Google Photos.”

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Although the notification was made in early 2023, the technology company’s implementation date was not confirmed until August 19th. will let you know on what day the scanning of these profiles will begin.

Google informed its users via an informative email that their accounts were inactive during the period in question. They will begin elimination on December 1st.

However, it is clarified that the policy update only applies to individual users. because education or business accounts are not covered they are considered exceptions because they are within the parameters described.

Source: Exame

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