The Vaio was one of the most important computer references produced by the Sony tech brand in the late 90’s.

Computers were competing with other brands Apple, ‘HP’ and Lenovo are reaching their ire in Spain and Latin America, among others.

Although it reached great excitement in the 2000s, As time passed, his reputation waned in the face of the strength and progress of other brands.they believe there will be a quick update in both its design and functions.

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Sony presented issues to promote the sameafter applying an “aggressive” strategy on all electronic renewal businessThey reformed their computers, even their televisions.

“Sony is implementing an aggressive reform plan in its electronics business, as first announced in April 2012. In video, game and mobile phone projects these have been identified as the top three focal points that will drive the growth of the company,” they said in a press release in 2014.

Due to dissatisfaction with its sales performance, it decided to switch its products and stop selling computers to market mobile phones and games.

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In February 2014, Sony announced that it had sold its VAIO division for more than $400 million. According to the Japanese newspaper ‘Nikkei’, the production of the product, in which the largest portable technology providers entered the sector, was discontinued in 1996.

“”After a comprehensive analysis of the dramatic changes taking place in the global computer industry,As part of Sony’s business portfolio and strategy, we have decided to focus on smartphones and tablets and transfer our computing business to a new company created by JIP.“, assured the company in the aforementioned document.

Sony has stopped production of VAIO laptops due to changes in the industryelectronic restructuring strategy, which includes financial difficulties and layoffs of 5,000 employees since its sale until March 2015. According to Reuters, this is all done with the goal of recovering benefits for the company after four years of loss in a row.

Source: Exame

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