Popular cloud file hosting service Dropbox has announced that it will remove the unlimited storage offer on its ‘Advanced’ plan. That’s why your users need to consider the new features they will have in their storage plans.

The platform has decided leaving behind the flagship promise of ‘unlimited space’, Due to some customers misusing the Dropbox Advanced package. That’s why the platform has decided to change the content of each of its plans in order to improve the usage provided by the users.

As stated in its description, the suite was designed and launched a few years ago to meet business needs without worrying about storage space.


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From now on, new customers who purchase the Advanced plan with three active licenses, Only 15 TB of shared storage for your team. This will be the company’s most expensive plan and will have a very similar monthly price to the ‘Advance’ plan.

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On the other hand every additional license will be activated 5 TB of storage, up to a maximum of 1,000 TB. Although this is a large amount of storage and will be enough for many, it is not unlimited as it has worked in previous months.

However, for companies that subscribe to the unlimited plan, Dropbox says it will try to impress these users as little as possible, so there will be the following changes to their plans.

For existing customers using below: 35 TB of storage represents 99% of people with an Advanced license, This will allow them to retain the full amount of storage they currently use and add an additional 5TB over five years at no additional cost.

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In the case of multiple users 35TB of storage per license, Dropbox will give you 5TB of storage for one year and will communicate directly with companies to create a plan that meets the specific needs of each organization.

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This new policy will start on November 1st and the company will notify its customers 30 days in advance so that they are not affected by the determined measure. It will also offer other complementary options for those who want it. They need additional space with affordable prices for everyone.

Dropbox is undergoing a restructuring and announced a few months ago that it had a significant reduction in its workforce, affecting 16% of its total staff. This change comes at a time when other platforms like Google include similar storage measures.

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