In the world of digital content, formats are constantly evolving and can have unexpected effects over time. YouTube implemented ‘short’, short TikTok-style videos, garnering impressive attention from the app’s registered users with over 2 billion monthly views.

While this popularity is a huge opportunity for the platform, some senior YouTubers have expressed concern about the potential risk posed by short videos compared to the long video format, which has been the most watched format on the platform in the past.

Characterized by their short length and upright posture, the ‘shorts’ attract the attention of viewers worldwide. But that success may be threatening the position of traditional long-form video. they are YouTube’s main ad revenue generator.

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According to sources close to the platform quoted by the ‘Financial Times’, YouTube’s in-house strategic meetings highlighted the rise of ‘short videos’ and how they can engage viewers with longer videos. Some executives have expressed concerns that the increase in short videos could cause them to replace long videos. affects ad revenue.

But it’s not the only platform offering short videos; Other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are also adopting this trend, contributing to changing consumer preferences.

Short and vertical formats have the advantage of being compatible across different social networks. this allows them to be shared simultaneously on various social networks.

In addition to the potential drop in viewership for long videos, YouTube has also noticed a decrease in content creation in this format. Creators prefer ‘short’, This is attributed to the fact that advertising brands are more interested in short content.

According to experts from the video company, the change in preferences affects ad revenue, as longer videos offer more space for ad placement in a single post. Also, longer videos get more clicks on e-commerce website ads.

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Despite all the effects of this format, YouTube revealed that the ‘shorts’ are designed to complement. not to compete with other content formats on the platform. In other words, the company thinks that ‘short videos’ enrich its ecosystem, such as audio and live broadcasts, and therefore will continue to be valid.

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Source: Exame

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