Xiaomi smartphone owners have been warned of a possible threat to their device; this is about the emergence of a possible malware called ‘Mitnav’ which impersonates the Google Chrome app on their devices without prior notice.

Affected users share their experiences on social networks and forums like ‘Reddit’ and express their surprise at discovering it while trying to access the browser. Google Chrome, this has been disabled and replaced by ‘Mitnav’ As home page by default without easily making changes.

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Although experts are still unclear as to the origin and specific purpose of this malware, some sources such as Gizmochina provide the following information: suggests that he may have intended to compromise browser security To access users’ confidential information and sensitive data.

So far, only Xiaomi phone users seem to have been informed about this issue with their device’s homepage. However, it is possible to fix this situation manually in the browser settings.

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To restore the Google Chrome home page, users need to follow these steps: Open the home page, select the three-dot button located in the upper right corner and access the ‘Settings’ section. Next, they have to click the tab in ‘Advanced Settings’ Set ‘Home’ and Chrome’s homepage.

It is also recommended to delete all data stored by Google Chrome via the option in the ‘Settings’ of the device. This will help protect your personal information on mobile devices.

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Source: Exame

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