Social networks continue to evolve with the aim of delighting users around the world with content presented in different formats. That’s why Google has included a new short video format called ‘short video’ on its official app store, Google Play.

‘Shorts’ are vertical videos primarily designed for mobile devices; The first appearance of these clips was on YouTube a few months ago. Actually, according to the latest figures from Google, these recordings collect close to 2,000 million views per month only on that particular platform, which highlights its popularity in the digital age and surpasses its main product, long videos.

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But they didn’t just stay on YouTube, they’re now integrated into YouTube as well. Google Play as part of an initiative called ‘Play Report’. This tool aims to highlight both the most popular and latest apps and games as well as lesser known but excellent quality apps and games.

Experts in the field, from creators to Google team members, will be responsible for presenting trends and highlighting “hidden yet functional findings” available on the Google Play app store.

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Now, This new integration is in testing and will only be visible to certain users in the US. It is located at the top of the Google Play homepage.

When it comes to other countries, the tech king has not yet announced when it will be available; it will depend on his success.

The ‘Short’ integration comes shortly after internal discussions on YouTube. The potential impact of “short videos” on the consumption of longer videos. This ensures that short videos are prioritized in different applications such as Instagram and Tiktok, where there is a significant consumption by users.

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Source: Exame

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