Following an early warning a few days ago Ombudsman Office Regarding regional elections, the chief prosecutor, Daisy HairA director pointed out who would be most responsible for his existence threats and election risks for October.

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This Friday, the head of the Public Ministry illegal armed groups those behind it. “This factor increased the violence and therefore affects public order and the coexistence of citizens.”

The unit responsible for disciplinary control announced that it would monitor the ministries of Internal Affairs and Defense to monitor this situation and take into account the recommendations made by the defender. Carlos Camargo At your warning.

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“In the first follow-up session of the warning in question, citizens The Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office is, above all, committed to preventing all kinds of risks. On the other hand, it is ready to take any disciplinary action that may arise in order to ensure complete transparency of the elections,” Cabello explained.

In this sense, he called for common compliance with electoral guarantees: “It is important to pay attention to early warnings “And by reinforcing the work of citizens, we will provide them with definitive results that will ensure smooth elections.”

He also emphasized that lawyers were also present at the hearings. National Commission for Monitoring Compliance with Electoral GuaranteesWe last met in Barranquilla.

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In the capital of Atlantico, lawyer Margarita Cabello warned this week that the October election contest in the country’s 17 municipalities is at high risk of being affected.

According to their lists, El Bagre and Yarumal, Antioquia; Arauca and Saravena, Arauca; Algiers, Balboa and Caldono, Cauca; San Vicente del Caguán, caqueta; Puerto Libertador, San José de Uré and Tierralta, Kordova; Puerto Gaitan, Meta; Tumaco, Nariño; Cúcuta and Tibú, Norte de Santander and Buenaventura and Jamundí, Valle del Cauca.

In this sense, he said, “we respectfully requested the election authorities and those who have duties in the election process to take extreme measures and take the necessary measures in order to prevent any situation that would affect transparency.” “Make the election process easier and avoid this form of corruption that has caused great harm to the country.”

Generally, There are 676 municipalities for Ombudsman There is some kind of risk facing the elections and 113 districts are the ones with the biggest threat.

Source: Exame

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