If your mobile phone says its memory is already full, you should keep in mind that there are several reasons for this. The first of these is that they have too many apps downloaded The latter on the device may be due to the number of photos or videos you have saved in your gallery.


It can also be created because usually does not clear cache In addition to receiving many WhatsApp files from your mobile phone, such as documents, images, links, among other things.

Current mobile phones across all series have ample internal storage; You can find devices with 512GB of storage, and some even reach 1TB. But, In some cases this is not enough.

The first thing is to consider use the space provided by the cloud With this option, you can get extra space from your device by uploading files such as photos and videos that will be stored in your Google or company account on your phone.

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Delete the content of your WhatsApp, check the social network for unnecessary files, duplicate images, chats you no longer interact with, links, sounds, and anything else you think about can be permanently deleted.

Browse your gallery and delete all repeated images, or TikTok images that you think don’t matter anymore. Please note that there are applications that help resize photos on Android. Photo and image resizer.

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Move your applications into memory micro SDYou can do this from your mobile phone settings. It is recommended that these have technology. UDH-II And A1Because they have the ability to hide them.

Another option is to transfer your social networks to versions. ‘Light’Since these are designed to take up as little space as possible on your phone, They may not look the same as what you are used to.but according to the ‘Lenovo Blog’ website they work fine.

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