arrival Artificial Intelligence (AI) It continues to give us something to talk about. Their programs are part of millions of companies using different technological tools to improve company performance.

On this occasion, a mistake made by artificial intelligence developers Microsoft companyThe release of .com, one of the world’s largest technology companies, to the public has caused many discussions.

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Last Monday, September 18, the software company admitted that they made a mistake and leaked large amounts of data, such as their employees’ passwords. 30,000 internal conversations via Teams.

The incident occurred as the developer team was trying to share their work on GitHub, one of the main platforms for building open tool projects and training AI models. It is a common practice in the industry.

Therefore, Microsoft researchers stated that users will be able to download data for artificial intelligence through a link. Once inside, people were able to access the American company’s private data.

The cloud they shared was poorly configured and they filtered access 38 Terabytes of data.

“No customer data was exposed and no other internal services were compromised due to this issue,” the company said. “No customer action is required in response to this issue.”

What surprises those who say that this error is a big problem is that it happened in June of this year. However, until Today, September 20, Microsoft announced it.

In fact, the company didn’t realize the error until the cybersecurity company arrived. Wix He warned them to disable access to the link they shared.


Source: Exame

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