Amazon plans to add ads to its service streaming, Prime Video follows the trend of other platforms like Netflix and Disney+. This change is expected to be implemented early next year.

Platforms like Netflix and Disney+ have expanded their subscription plans to offer cheaper options that include advertising. These show ads between playbacks to reduce cost for users.

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The platform, which produces series such as ‘Elite’, ‘La casa de papel’ and ‘Sex Education’, implemented a commercial plan in November last year. This started with a lower playback quality, but was later improved and allowed two simultaneous transfers.

In the case of Disney, this year the company announced the possibility of launching a similar subscription, which is planned to be available from November 1 in several countries in Europe and Canada at a cost of around 5.99 euros per month. That’s $25,162 worth of Colombian pesos.

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The trend to include ads has also caught the attention of Amazon, which plans to roll out the feature on Prime Video in early 2024. According to ‘Variety’ magazine, it will initially be released in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Canada, and will expand to other countries, including Spain, later that year.

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The company stated that it will show fewer ads than traditional channels and other advertising platforms. streaming rivals. He also stated that he made this decision to continue investing in engaging content and increase this investment over time.

Prime Video is a platform that launched on September 7, 2006. It has a catalog of TV series, movies and documentaries. Some of its channel content comes from networks such as Paramount, MGM, Looke and Adrenalina Pura.

It is not yet known when the new plan with advertising will be available in Colombia and its prices. Right now, The platform offers subscriptions of 20,600 pesos per month.

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