One of the current “problems” Netflix, is a huge catalog full of options that often go unnoticed by the subscriber. The online streaming giant, which boasts a monthly release of original films and TV series, has become a real challenge for movie lovers. Especially for those who They need a better selection of movies. than what you might find on popularity lists.

Especially now when Netflix became a producer of some of the best films in Hollywood. In order to gain critical recognition, the company strives to add award-winning works to its catalogue. And also to finance the filming of films, which, as a rule, require effort to find their place in the world of modern cinema. The result is a medley of awards season hits. with author’s experiments that stand out in the modern cinematic panorama.

We leave you with five recommendations for quality feature films that you can watch on Netflix right now. From the winner of the Venice Film Festival for Best Screenplay in 2023 to the film that led the director to a historic triumph at the Oscars.. The collection covers completely different proposals, genres and premises, united by one goal. Demonstrate that subscription platforms can also be an ideal place to enjoy your viewing experience as a viewer.


Recent award for Best Original Screenplay in Venice Festivalcomes to Netflix just days before its theatrical release. Count Pablo Larraín is a combination of subversive biography of Augusto Pinochet, horror film and satire.

This mixture turns the Chilean dictator into a shadowy and dangerous creature who rips out hearts and analyzes his place in history. All this time, the vampire’s blood turns him into an eternal killer, devouring the hearts of his fellow citizens.

The director, known for his unusual takes on historical figures, like the one he showed in Jackie And Spencerreaches in Count, a new poetic level. Through the strict use of vampire film tropes, the story becomes a meditation on power, greed and cruelty. And all this thanks to outstanding visuals and a story that keeps you interested in the secrets of the great historical monsters until the very end. A strange work that you can enjoy right now on Netflix.

No news at the front

The film by Edward Berger, based on the novel of the same name by Erich Maria Remarque, became one of the best in 2022. While not directly an anti-war manifesto, it reflects all the cruelty and violence on the battlefield. Also avoid romanticizing World War I and turns the confrontation into some of the most brutal and brutal scenes in modern cinema.

Its greatest strength, however, is not the graphic nature of the sequences or James Friend’s inspired photography. Its greatest strength is the way the story turns idealism into a path to loss of innocence and eventual collective failure. His heroes, young people who believe they are fighting for justice and peace, will discover that amid gunfire and explosions, death knows no flags. And the victims of fire and horror are nothing more than hostages of power, turned into cruel manipulations.

With nine Oscar nominations, the film surprised the Holwood Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. While most of its promotion happened during awards season, it was already in Netflix’s catalog. An important achievement for the platform.


David Fincher adapted the script written by his father Jack and took one of the biggest risks of his career. Filmed in black and white, with a devastating timeline and a brutal look at Hollywood. decoy This is a rare job. Biography of the writer Herman Mankiewicz, author of the famous Citizen Kaneis an allegory of corruption and greed. And this while analyzing the moral and intellectual decline of one of the greatest names in the mecca of cinema during its golden age.

But as a director, he doesn’t want to preach or make sentimental judgments. As such, it focuses directly on the complex, violent and often contradictory nature of decoy (Gary Oldman). The fictional version of the real man is full of dark places and, ultimately, deep heartaches that will never be resolved. This makes the film a tough look at the pursuit of success.

With ten nominations for the 2021 Oscars, it was one of the most successful films of the year marked by the pandemic. But that didn’t stop the feature film from shining as a rare entry in David Fincher’s extensive repertoire. one of the most respected authors of the current seventh art.


Martin Scorsese gets to work I heard you paint houses Charles Brandt’s Twilight epic about the world of the mafia. The director, known for his obsession with guilt and the inability of his characters to redeem themselves, turns the story into a meditation on fear.

Frank Sheeran (Robert De Niro), talks about his life as an assassin, as well as his relationship with Jimmy Hoffa (Al Pacino). It forces us to delve deeper into the horrors of the underworld, its nuances and even the incredible loyalty that unites its members.

Clocking in at over three hours, the film tested the director’s ability to tell stories about conflicting moral principles. Specifically, the evolution of friendships and power relationships between abusive men. With reviews highlighting how Martin Scorsese delved into the criminal lives of his characters with rare sensitivity, the film is considered one of his best films. This is despite the evidence which he received for his use of digital effects to age his actors and the contemplative atmosphere of his premises..

The power of the dog

In 1967, the novel The power of the dog Thomas Savage’s film surprised critics by exploring masculinity and desire from a twisted perspective. Jane Campion took the best of fiction and turned it into a thorough study of masculinity, cruelty and, ultimately, the killer instinct. And all this in the midst of timeless landscapes that turned the heroes into victims and hostages of a complicated story that ended in tragedy.

The director, known for his ability to delve into uncomfortable topics, found in the film the perfect vehicle for analyzing male behavior. A much more erotic element in the midst of a sexist environment. Ultimately, the film is a gothic tale of heartbreak and existential misery. which gave its director a second Oscar and a place in Hollywood history.

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