WhatsApp messaging application is one of the most important interaction tools in the world. In this way, people can instantly chat with their loved ones wherever they are in the world.


That’s why the app has features like ‘specially created to free up storage space.delete data‘, anyone ‘delete cache‘. However, since many users do not know the differences between the two functions, we explain them here.

As explained on the ‘Microsoft Start’ technology portal, in simpler terms deleting WhatsApp cache means: get rid of all temporary and unnecessary data from the app.

According to the portal’s description, this means deleting temporarily downloaded photos and videos, for example, to make the loading of content more agile. But, The data will be downloaded again when the user needs to access the content againand the cache will take up storage space again until it is cleared again.

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It is important to make this clear Deleting the cache does not affect information stored in your chats, such as messages, photos, videos or documents.

As you might guess, this option differs in this way: permanently and irreversibly delete files.

Print In simple terms ‘Clear data’ option will leave your WhatsApp account emptyIt will delete all your saved conversations, stickers, multimedia files and settings.

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It’s a useful option when you need to quickly free up a lot of storage space on your device, encounter technical issues that you can’t find any other solution for, or want to start WhatsApp from scratch for any reason.

If you have to choose this option due to technical failures, it is useful to remember the following: can backup to the cloud The data you saved up until the moment you made the copy will be sent to your e-mail so that you can recover it later.

The most common and most used option by users to free up storage space is the manual deletion of large files that you do not want to save or chats whose information and messages are not worth archiving.

Also, in the ‘Manage storage’ option located in the ‘Storage and data’ section of WhatsApp settingsthe application offers the option to delete all files larger than 5 MB or transmitted multiple times.

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