Technological gadgets can make life easier in many ways, one of which is mobility. Waze has become one of these important applications, especially for citizens living in cities with heavy traffic.

Already over 100 million downloads on Google Play and because it is free, more and more users decide to buy it on their device. So some tricks are very helpful to get the most out of the hidden tools of this app.

When defining a route in Waze, users can press the approximate time of arrival and move this tab up. You will then see four different icons, one of which is in the shape of a gas station. when selected the app shows several ‘bombs’ Along with the prices of gasoline on the road.

This information is provided by users, whose data is updated and changed over time.

The application provides the alternative of finding defined points to stop during a journey. You just need to put the end point then go to the ‘magnifying glass’ located in the lower left corner and select add stop.

With this, you will be able to find the fastest route and the most convenient way to achieve different goals.

To find out the status of your trip or your location, simply open the app, select the arrow or icon that identifies you in the app, press there and an option that says ‘Send location’ will be activated. , Waze will show various options for sending different social networks and even text messages.

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