Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming an essential tool for the productivity of employees, students, and people in general.


“Generative AI can be a tremendous opportunity for human advancement, but it can also cause harm,” UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay said in an exclusive statement from the organization on the subject.

That’s why we did it List of five ‘apps’ designed for the classroomRather than replacing research and learning processes, its use facilitates the automatable processes of academia and allows students to spend more time internalizing concepts.

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This application was born as an alternative to Power Point and uses artificial intelligence to create presentations in less time. The basic version is free but there is also a paid version with more features.

This British platform uses cognitive neuroscience and data analysis to create personalized learning plans tailored to each student’s needs. It also periodically monitors progress in certain subjects and assists teachers.

It is a Google Chrome extension made to transcribe and summarize any YouTube video in any language. It’s very useful when writing literal quotes or researching topics that require multiple voices in a short time. It is completely free.

(Interesting: Can Artificial Intelligence be used in schools? These rules are proposed by the UN).

This app is designed specifically for language learning and uses a variety of methods to help students learn faster. It uses artificial intelligence to adapt to each user’s process and predict learnings most likely to be forgotten.

Unlike other apps on the list, ‘Gradescope’ focuses mainly on teachers. It works as a tool that facilitates the process of grading tests, creating and distributing surveys.


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