Lately, Federal Emergency Management Agency (Fema, with its English abbreviation) reported next Wednesday, October 4 The electronic devices of everyone in the United States will receive an unexpected alarm. Additionally, media such as radio and television stations will also send these sounds.

Officials in charge reported that this alarm was the first evidence of the incident. Federal Emergency Alert System (EAS, English) and Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA, English).

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They also reported that It will take very little time for cell phones to ring and placing primary emphasis on citizens to be alert to and remember the alert, so that they do not become confused in future drills or warnings.

Media America today He states that this alarm will reach the devices around 14.20 and that the media should also broadcast “Loud sounding of the distinctive, discordant electronic alert tone of the emergency alarm.”

In its official statement, FEMA states: “The national test will consist of two parts in which the capabilities of WEA and EAS will be tested. “Both tests are scheduled to begin around 2:20 PM Eastern Time on Wednesday, October 4.”


“The WEA portion of the test will be initiated using the following address: Integrated General Warning and Notification System (IPAWS) is a centralized, internet-based system managed by FEMA that allows authorities to send authenticated emergency messages to the public over multiple communications networks. WEA test will be carried out by sending a code to mobile phones.”

Mobile phones will receive a warning message saying: “THIS
A test of the National Emergency Alert System. “No action required.”

WEA alerts are emergency messages sent by government agencies to wireless service providers through the Public Emergency Alert Infrastructure, or IPAWS. These providers send alerts to compatible phones in specific geographic areas.


To ensure these alerts are accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities, alerts are accompanied by vibration and a distinctive audio tone.

The test is expected to last only one minute. It is also known that it will only appear once and will not happen again.

This Wednesday’s test will not be the first conducted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. It is said that the intense sound will be heard on radio stations and television signals for the seventh time.

As for sounds on mobile phones, this will be the second test conducted on such devices.

While it is true that the testing has been done in the United States since 2011, The last national emergency alert was issued in 2021.

But according to CNN Issuing alarms has already caused problems in several parts of the United States. Because the warnings reached mobile phones incorrectly.

One of the cases occurred in 2018. When an emergency center employee accidentally raises the alarm and was played on every cell phone in Hawaii, causing a wave of panic throughout the morning.

On this occasion, the warning announced the threat of ballistic missile penetration into the region.

One of these alarms earlier this year was It woke up Florida residents around 4:45 a.m.

In that case, The Emergency Agency issued an apology and reassurance that the alarm was not programmed to reach all mobile phones. However, there was a technical malfunction.

Source: Exame

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