Colombian fintech R5 has created a mobile application that promises to assist you with any procedure related to your vehicle, from giving warnings when you have penalties, to reminders for the next technical inspection, to quick access to emergency numbers in case of an accident.

This is a tool that R5 aims to provide access and access to all vehicle owners, as well as helping them keep their procedures and obligations up to date. Practical guides for the most common situations in a car.

The app was well received and used by thousands of Colombians; It is available on the App Store and Play Store and has a rating of 4.8.

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“We aim to make life easier for vehicle owners, alerting them to any news that may be related to their car or motorcycle. It’s happened to most of us that our SOAT has expired more than once, we’ve driven in the car the same day our vehicle and license plate numbered, or we’ve forgotten to change the oil. The idea is that with the implementation that will no longer happen; All you have to do is enter your vehicle information and configure the alerts you want to receive.” commented Tomás Muñoz, R5’s application product manager.

● Warnings about:
○ SOAT expiration date.
○ Fines.
○ Vehicle restriction days (density and license plate)
○ Technomechanical examination.
○ Road kit renewal
○ Oil change
○ Driving license renewal.
○ Subsequent all risk insurance payment.
○ Tax payment dates.

Users who want to access it can download the tool from application stores. Play Stores or App Store.

Source: Exame

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