Apple has published a set of recommendations for the safe use of iPhone devices, with a particular focus on avoiding certain dangerous practices when charging your mobile phone.

Apple company advised on risks of charging iPhone bedding while sleeping or on any textile or upholstery surface unattended.

This is because the iPhone is made of materials such as metal, glass and plastic and contains sensitive electronic components. Any drop, burn, puncture, crushing, or contact with liquids can seriously damage the device and in some cases result in personal injury.

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The manufacturer recommended using the charging cable included with the purchase from the device or an Apple USB power adapter.

He also emphasized the importance of making sure the USB connector is fully inserted into a compatible power adapter before plugging the adapter into a power outlet to avoid any damage.

The company emphasized that only a trained technician should perform iPhone battery repair to avoid problems such as overheating, fire, or injury.

It was also recommended that batteries be recycled or disposed of in accordance with local environmental regulations.

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The company emphasized that only a trained technician should perform repairs on the iPhone. Disassembling the device yourself may cause damage, affect water and splash resistance on compatible models, and increase the risk of injury.

Repairs made by untrained persons or using non-genuine Apple parts may compromise the safety and functionality of the device.

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*This content was rewritten with the help of artificial intelligence, based on information published by Apple, and reviewed by a journalist and editor.

Camila Sanchez Fajardo

Source: Exame

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