A security camera recorded in the Bella Switzerland area in the town of Usaquén, north of Bogota violent robbery One of the residents of the sector suffered as a result of hiding some of his belongings in the trunk of his vehicle in broad daylight in the last hours.

According to Kevin Díaz kenttv, A resident of the Bella Switzerland neighborhood became the victim of a robbery when he arrived at his commercial establishment.

As seen in the footage, while the man was about to put some things in his vehicle, a person came and intimidated and threatened him with a gun.

In the next step, another subject appears with a firearm and points it at his head.

The recording shows the moment two criminals, one on foot and the other on a motorcycle, approached him to rob him.

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“The first one tries to shave my mobile phone, I follow it with my eyes, I turn it, he gives up. He gives up too, gets on the motorcycle, appears when he gets on the motorcycle and is the one who takes the criminal away. When he undresses me, I walk away.”he said in a conversation with the affected person kenttv.

“Just when I thought that this had already happened and nothing had happened (sic), another criminal comes and takes his knife from me and he is the one who carries out the attack: he steals my watch, my bracelet and my mobile phone,” he added. . .

According to the man, he confronted the thieves. And yet The financial loss due to what happened is estimated to be 15 million pesos.The affected person reported that he almost lost the income from his business activity.

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In a series of interviews on the streets of Bogotá, Citytv recorded the perception of security of residents of the country’s capital a few weeks ago.

“They robbed me. You can’t walk comfortably on the street with your mobile phone.”said Lina, who lives in Bogotá.

“We are constantly being robbed… we cannot walk calmly,” said Jaime Martínez.

*With information from CITYTV.

Source: Exame

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