Remote working has proven itself as one of the following methods: The most important and enduring labor trends of the 21st century. In an increasingly interconnected and digital world, the ability to perform business tasks from anywhere with internet access has revolutionized the way people and businesses work.


Remote working has become increasingly popular Various factorssuch as technological advances, the COVID-19 pandemic and the change in how both workers and employees view this way of working.

It also gave employees more flexibility. when and where they perform their job duties. This had a positive impact on the balance between their work responsibilities and their personal lives, resulting in greater job satisfaction and greater employee retention.

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a company based Vancouver, CanadaSpecializing in time and attendance management, it is expanding its reach and opening job doors for Spanish speakers interested in remote work.

This company is known as VeriClocklooking for individuals ‘enthusiasts with a strong focus on service’ Join your customer solutions team and give them the opportunity to develop and develop their skills in this area.

Between Duties to be performed by the selected candidate included:

-Handle and resolve customer requests or complaints via email, chat or phone.

-Participate in engagement and problem-solving meetings with customers.

-Make product promotions.

-Analyzing customer data to improve customer experience, among other responsibilities.

The company is looking for candidates who meet the requirements the following requirements:

-Minimum 2 years of customer service experience (preferably in a Software as a Service (SaaS) company with a recurring revenue model).

-Hyperorganized and detail-oriented; An expert multitasker who can switch tasks at will, with a sense of responsibility that drives you to complete everything on your to-do list.

-Possesses technical knowledge and excellent written and verbal communication skills; Being fluent in other languages ​​such as French and Spanish is an advantage.

-Exhibiting patience and tireless passion to solve customer problems.

-Someone who loves learning and teaching; Discover new strategies for customer success and demonstrate products with enthusiasm.

-Previous experience with accounting software (Quickbooks/Sage) is definitely a plus.

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An attractive feature of these business opportunities is schedule flexibilityThis allows employees to choose shifts between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m. (PST) based on their needs and routines.

VeriClock also expressed a willingness to consider both. Part-time and full-time hiringSubject to candidates’ availability. Salaries are highly competitive and $25 and $32 per hourDepending on the applicant’s experience and skills.

For those interested in an exciting remote job opportunity in a friendly and dynamic environment, you can find more details about the vacancy and how to apply at: company page.


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