In a world where it is now Technology is dominated by devices such as computers, tablets and mobile phones.Telecommunication antennas fulfill one of the most important functions in ensuring effective communication between users.

Generally, these antennas are strategically positioned to guarantee users mobile signal that allows them to efficiently make cell phone calls and access the Internet.

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Specialist technology portal ‘Haras Dadinco’ states: Antennas used to make mobile phone calls work by sending and receiving signals. electromagnetic These huge devices are responsible for transmitting and amplifying the signal of mobile phones, allowing effective communication between the user and the phone network.

Likewise, these mobile phone antennas are often They are strategically installed in different locations such as hills, towers or elevated structures, Its main purpose is to maximize range and minimize interference. Additionally, height and direction are adjusted to ensure the best possible signal.

The portal ‘Radio Waves – Orange’ mentions that the operation of antennas is based on the principle of electromagnetic radiation. These emit radiofrequency waves that propagate in all directions. When a user makes a call, the signal is sent to the nearest antenna, which picks it up and retransmits it to the phone network to establish communication.

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The Spanish Federation of Telecommunications Engineers Associations provides:The height of these structures is usually between 20 and 50 meters. The antennas are placed on the highest parts of the buildings.

Moreover, the ‘Xataka’ portal says that the importance of antennas is not only to make mobile phone calls but also to cover mobile data and internet services.

Different telecommunication expert portals state that mobile phone antennas are considered as the backbone of wireless communication.

Source: Exame

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