Instagram, owned by Meta, is testing a new feature allows users to automatically create ‘stickers’ using their own photos.

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These stickers can be added directly to stories and reels, overlaid with other background content.

The social media platform offers various options for using app-generated stickers, allowing users to give a unique touch to their posts, in addition to other customization features such as GIFs and custom avatar stickers.

The company continues to improve the creation of personalized content for stories and reels, and is now focusing on the possibility of turning users’ photos into stickers.

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Adam Mosseri, CEO of the social network, announced the testing of this function on his Instagram channel, highlighting the company’s interest in encouraging user creativity.

The process of creating a ‘sticker’ in a story is simple, as shown in a video shared by the CEO. People need to open the options menu and select the new creation feature, identified by the scissors icon. They can then select the image they want to turn into a reel sticker. The app will automatically create stickers by focusing on the highlighted elements of the photo.

Once the process is complete, Internet users can place the ‘sticker’ on their stories and layer it over other content.

“We can’t wait to see people’s creativity,” Mosseri said.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri once again confirmed that the iPad version of the social network is not a priority on the company’s agenda. He made this statement through stories on his profile during a question and answer session.

His statement reiterates a view already made public in March last year, when he declared that the development of a version of Instagram for Apple tablets was not among the company’s main interests.

At the time, the executive director stated that there was not a large enough user group to justify the investment of resources required for this adaptation, so it remained on the back burner.

The CEO made this statement during a conversation with video content producer Marqués Brownlee in a thread on the X platform (formerly known as Twitter).

In this speech, Mosseri also emphasized that Instagram is already available on various platforms, including iOS, web and Android, which is one of the largest platforms in terms of active users.

The American businessman recently touched upon the issue once again in a series of questions and answers he shared on Instagram stories. On this occasion, he confirmed that the company was “not currently working on this issue”.

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