Daniel Sancho will have a few more days to prepare defense strategy for the upcoming trial The crime committed by Colombian doctor Edwin Arrieta in Thailand. Although the court panel was to read the crimes charged against him by the prosecution on October 26, the first hearing was postponed to November 13 upon the request of the murder suspect.

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The Spanish chef admitted that he attacked a Colombian man, whom he had met for a few days on holiday, on August 5, to death, and threw his body into the landfill and into the sea after an argument in a hotel room in the city. phangan island.

It took police more than two months to gather evidence and witnesses to charge Sancho with premeditated murder, a crime punishable by the death penalty in Thailand. The investigation report has been approved by the Prosecutor’s Office and is now in the hands of the judge.

One of the points revealed in the authorities’ report is this: The results of Arrieta’s autopsy. In principle, the deputy director of the Thai Police, Surachate Hakparn, assured that the Colombian would die after being cut, but the latest information revealed by the Spanish media does not allow this to be confirmed.

In the official documents obtained by the channels, it was stated: “The cause of death cannot be determined. Other forensic doctors need to examine it.” antenna 3 And telecinco.

Since the location of the doctor’s body was never determined, it would not be possible to know for sure the cause. neither to the sea nor to the landfill where Sancho admitted to throwing it.

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Despite this result, the Prosecutor’s Office and the Police argue that Sancho prepared the crime by purchasing bags, knives, gloves, sponges and other materials in order to attempt on the plastic surgeon’s life and change the crime scene.

According to the published report; The Spaniard hit him repeatedly and then cut him: “He is estimated to be dead within 24 to 48 hours.”

“He planned the murder in a premeditated manner, using ‘violence’ to kill himself, but it is not known exactly how this happened,” another court document said.

“He then cut up the body using several knives and a small saw, wrapped the pieces in shredded plastic and placed them in prepared plastic bags, which he then threw into the sea and into the landfill at the Salad beach area,” they emphasized.

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The reasons behind the murder are not known for certain.; These are expected to become clear as the hearings progress.

There are three crimes that the 29-year-old Spaniard will have to face: premeditated murder, concealment of the body and destruction of other people’s documents.. This last charge was added because, according to the investigation, the killer, who confessed to the murder, took the doctor’s Colombian passport and destroyed it.

The charges were to be read to him on October 26, but The transaction was delayed because Sancho requested a Spanish translator from Thailand.

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Moreover, he left without a lawyer. According to the EFE agency, the law firm his family hired in Spain did not specify who would represent them in Thailand; This could be a strategy to delay the process and save time. Therefore, the court appointed him public defender Krit Sudthanom.

“I am a court-appointed lawyer, not a family-appointed lawyer,” Krit told the media.

The lawyer said that he had not met with Sancho yet and would not meet until November 13.So that the young man can first “meet with the interpreter and understand the charges well.” Sancho’s family still has the opportunity to hire a private lawyer.

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A new statement will be taken from Sancho in November, in which he will have to state whether he admits the charges or not.

Thailand’s Penal Code provides for the death penalty for crimes such as premeditated murder, but this is often commuted to life imprisonment. On the other hand, the defendant’s confession and cooperation can help reduce the sentence significantly.

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*With information from EFE

Source: Exame

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