Although the premiere of the new dual-camera smartwatch, which will be released by Facebook’s parent company Meta, was never confirmed, the company announced that the development of this product has stopped and will not go on sale.

Meta had been working on ‘Milan’ for nearly two years, the trade name for the device, which would have functions such as heart rate monitoring, music playback, recording social network notifications and other options. very special added value.

As seen in the video of the prototype of this watch published in the Bloomberg news agency, ‘Milan’ will make a difference compared to other brands in the market with its dual camera and detachable dial design.

This ‘smartwatch’ would have a 5 megapixel front camera located at the top of the screen and another 12 megapixel camera attached to the computer strap.It is an innovative technology compared to other devices.

Also expected connectivity to mobile phones via eSIM, WiFi, GPS, a removable globe with a gold shell, heart rate control; and direct access to apps like Spotify, Instagram, WhatsApp, photo gallery, calendar among others.

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The cutting-edge technology that Milan will equip will create great competition against other technology brands such as Apple. This watch would be released in mid-2023 and cost $349 (1,329 million pesos) according to ‘Bloomberg’.

However, Meta has assured that it plans to produce other ‘smartwatch’ prototypes that will include this technology. In addition, the company evaluated the possibility of associating these watches with the ‘metaverse’ so that users can interact with virtual reality from their wrists.

As a trusted company source told ‘Bloomberg’ news agency, Meta’s priority is to generate other ‘smartwatch’ references at the moment, so ‘Milan’ would be in the background.


According to the statements made by Meta’s managing director Mark Zukerberg in ‘Bloomberg’, there will be a decrease of approximately 3 billion dollars (over 11 billion Colombian pesos) in investments.

This budget cut has affected the company’s performance in management and production, which means: They will prioritize other projects that will yield better economic results.

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Source: Exame

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