Apps every surfer needs on iPhone

Stay informed about conditions and record your achievements on the water with these apps for surfers.

Surfer’s survival kit: 8 best apps for iPhone

Surfing is much more than a sport; It is a lifestyle. And if you’re a passionate surfer, you’ll definitely want to make the most of every opportunity you have to be on the water. fortunately there is apps for surfers It is specifically designed to enhance your experience in the ocean. In this article you will learn the best applications designed for wave fans.

The world of surfing is vast and diverse, and with these tools real time wave forecastweather forecasts and even help you get the most out of your surf sessions.

Apps for surfers on iPhone

  • dawn patrol
  • MSW Surf Forecast
  • Windfinder: Wind and Weather
  • Wisuki: Wind and Waves
  • Meteorology and Radar
  • World Surf League
  • Surfline Wave and Surf Reports
  • lazy surfer

If you like extreme sports applications and water sports applications, these surfing options are for you.

Below is a list of them Best apps for surfers on iPhone. Each of these options unique and useful features that will enhance your surfing experience. Lets start!

dawn patrol

Dawn Patrol - sailing into the dawn to find the best wave

Dawn Patrol: Sailing into the dawn to find the best wave

dawn patrol It is an indispensable application for serious surfers. Offers Detailed wave and sea state forecasts It lets you know when and where to surf, in real time.

With Dawn Patrol you will be able to know: Direction, height and period of wavessuch as wind speed and direction. Additionally, this tool gives you access to surfing reports. high quality videosideal for seeing real time conditions and listen to advice from expert surfers.

If you want to get the most out of every surf session and improve your skills, dawn patrol This is a smart choice. Additionally available on the App Store.

MSW Surf Forecast

MSW Surf Forecast – conquer the waves in style

MSW Surf Forecast: conquer the waves in style

MSW Surf Forecast is another powerful platform that provides accurate wave predictions for surfers of all levels. Thanks to this platform, you will be able to access information about sea conditions in thousands of surf spots around the world.

Additionally, the system you: wave height data, wind direction, tide and much more. You can also share your reports and experiences live.

Windfinder: Wind and Weather

Plan your adventures with Windfinder - accurate predictions for any event

Plan your adventures with Windfinder: accurate forecasts for all types of events

This app is a must-have for surfing enthusiasts and water sports fans. With Wind Finderyou will be able to access weather and wind forecasts It is highly specific for over 160,000 locations worldwide.

In this way, you can follow the current wind and weather conditions live without wasting any time.

Additionally, you will have access to: Tide forecasts for over 20,000 locationsThis allows you to optimally plan your water activities.

Moreover save your favorite places and get instant updates on the weather.

As if that wasn’t enough, the system includes: animated wind map This summarizes global conditions and the wind widget gives you updated information in the blink of an eye.

Wisuki: Wind and Waves

Among the winds and waves - Wisuki invites you to the world of wonders

Among the winds and waves: Wisuki invites you to a world of wonders

Wisuki It is an iOS alternative that will give you precise information about its conditions. wind, waves, time and tides. You will be able to access detailed and up-to-date forecasts that will make it easier for you to plan water sports-related activities.

The application will allow you I know the direction of the windinformation such as offshore, semi-offshore, lateral, semi-offshore and onshore, as well as the direction of the wind from the right or left.

Additionally, you will be able to view: tidal trend and height in percent. With the time selector in 1-hour intervals and the forecast filters in 1- and 3-hour intervals, you can adapt the information to your needs. Meteorology and Radar

Explore Windy-com- weather forecast and radar to stay one step ahead of the weather

Explore Weather and radar to stay ahead of the weather One powerful aircraft It allows you to be informed about weather conditions with accurate and detailed information.

With this you can access More than 50 maps and get real-time data on wind, temperature, humidity, pressure, dew point and freezing altitude using essential weather tools.

Along with the CAPE index, you will also be able to track rain, thunder, storms and precipitation type.

World Surf League

Surf the planet's waves with the World Surf League

Surf the planet’s waves with the World Surf League

World Surf League It takes you into the exciting world of surfing. With this app on the App Store, you can enjoy live broadcasts of the most remarkable events, allowing you to witness the skills of the masters in real time. best surfers in the world.

You will also receive: event notifications This way you won’t miss an exciting wave, and you can even stay informed about the developments. latest newsThe most impressive games and highlights of the day.

Surfline Wave and Surf Reports

Plan your next surf session with Surfline Wave and Surf Reports

Plan your next surf session with Surfline Wave and Surf Reports

surf line It’s an essential app for surfers who want to stay informed about conditions at their favorite spot. Offers accurate wave forecastsReal-time reports and live cams at thousands of surf spots around the world.

With surf lineyou will be able to see weather conditionsKnow the height of the waves, the direction of the wind and the tide.

The system also provides daily reports. surf conditions and gives you access to exclusive content like surfing lessons and expert advice.

lazy surfer

Relax and surf - Lazy Surfer takes you on a peaceful journey

Relax and surf: Lazy Surfer takes you on a peaceful journey

lazy surfer is one best apps for surfers existing so far. With it, you will be able to keep a complete and specific record of your surfing sessions. personalized forecast For your next adventure in the waves.

You can also: get alerts ensures you don’t miss the best waves when the conditions match your preferences.

And like other options, you can also: share your experiences with your friendsGrow your surfer community from your iPhone.

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