Everything shows that the shooters who shot The man who stood in front of his daughter during the Halloween celebration in Soacha had been following her steps for several days.

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Terrible act that left the place The murder of Yeferson Alexander González took place on October 31 when the man accompanied his 3-year-old daughter trick-or-treating in a residential neighborhood.

Investigators investigating the case state: Murder may be related to an emotional situation. where a hitman could order the man’s death after learning his current partner would be the father of the minor child.

However, this Friday afternoon, the Attorney General’s Office made official the capture of two people who may be related to the brutal hitman.

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According to the research organization, Two Venezuelan citizens, aged 19 and 24, who were behind the act of violence, were arrested by the Soacha Metropolitan Police SIJIN.

Those captured were handed over to the Prosecutor’s Office 1st Specialized Brigade.
Cundinamarca must be held accountable for his murders and crimes Felony Murder and Manufacturing, Trafficking and/or Transportation of Firearms.

Researchers Cundinamarca District Prosecutor’s Office They have audio and video that will be important in prosecuting the alleged criminals.

In one of the recordings, a man can be heard talking to one of the suspects involved in the crime. Seems like, They were coordinating the exact moment to shoot González.

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“A very strong visa in the morning because there is a lot of police and movement, it will be necessary to do it at night. I want them to disappear with the man, but don’t touch my wife next to her, don’t do anything to her, nothing, nothing. They give Piroboya a note saying ‘due to low salary’.‘” is heard in an audio recording known to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Among the evidence presented, we also say the following: One of the accomplices in the brutal attack must have returned to the scene to record videoIt showed that the man’s body was left on the ground.

Likewise, the Prosecutor’s Office, together with members of the Judicial Police, could have analyzed more than 35 hours of video to determine: The subjects had met in the previous days to plan and then carry out this criminal act.

Sources close to the man confirmed this. We came to Soacha municipality a few days ago, He was working in Medellin.

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On the night of the brutal attack, the man went to pick up his daughter to accompany her to Halloween celebrations.

“He came to pick up the girl around 18.30 in the evening to buy candy.. Frankly, it horrified us. “There is one more orphan girl left in this world,” said one of her loved ones.


Source: Exame

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