Rosaviatsia transferred Ural Airlines’ permits on several international routes to other airlines. This is a temporary measure: to regain approvals, the airline must eliminate problems with aircraft leasing.

Ural Airlines lost several international routes

This follows from the department’s order of October 12, to which Vedomosti drew attention. The document states that Ural Airlines will be able to fly abroad again after signing a trilateral agreement with the National Leasing Company (NLC) and the current lessor.

The issue of the return of permits should be considered by the Federal Air Transport Agency within two weeks after the signing of the necessary documents.

The permits revoked from Ural Airlines were for the Aeroflot group, Azimut, Red Wings and Azur Air:

  • Aeroflot received flights in the following directions: Yekaterinburg – Dubai, Vladivostok – Bangkok, Krasnoyarsk – Bangkok, St. Petersburg – Bukhara, Krasnoyarsk – Alma-Ata, Krasnoyarsk – Astana.

  • The Rossiya company, which is part of the Aeroflot group, received authorizations for the following addresses: Sochi – Istanbul, Irkutsk – Beijing, Vladivostok – Beijing.

  • Red Wings received additional clearances from Moscow and Yekaterinburg for Tashkent, Bukhara, Namangan, Istanbul, Astana and Alma-Ata.

  • Azimut was allowed to fly to Tashkent, Namangan, Bukhara, Dubai and Ganja.

  • The charter airline Azur Air received a flight to Phuket from Yekaterinburg and Ufa.

Rosaviatsia revoked only part of Ural Airlines’ approvals, those that the airline did not use. Companies that receive these authorizations can operate only a portion of the available flights “depending on demand and their own capabilities.”

The Vedomosti source clarified that Ural Airlines’ approvals are transferred to competitors until the airline has a fleet to carry them out. According to the expert, passengers will benefit from the situation: an increase in supply by companies can have a positive impact on flight prices.

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Akhmed Sadulayev

Source: RB

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