Bear This is one of the most popular series in the catalog Disney+. FX and Hulu project featuring Jeremy Allen White And Ayo Edebiri He has won many awards and recognitions. For this reason, the company did not want to lose sight of him after the second season. Thus, what many took for granted was officially announced. The series will have a third season, continuing the story Karmi, Sydney and a newly renovated restaurant.

own Forex was responsible for disseminating news. “Bear“which captivated audiences in its first season and became an even bigger success in its second, has become a cultural phenomenon,” said the president of FX Entertainment. Nick Grad. At the same time, he assured that he was proud of the work of both the actors of the project and its creator. Christopher Storerand its manufacturers. “What they and the technical team have achieved is truly extraordinary, and we, our partners at Hulu and Disney+, look forward to the next chapter of the story,” he says.

First season Bear It was a success with both critics and audiences. So much so that she is currently nominated for 13 Emmy Awards. These include Best Comedy Series, Best Screenplay and Best Directing, as well as actors. Jeremy Allen White, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Ayo Edebiri, Jon Bernthal And Oliver Platt. Specifically, Allen White She received many awards for her role as Carmi, including a Golden Globe. In addition, the American Film Institute recognized it as the best TV series of the year. The second, which has already completed its broadcast, seeks to follow the same path.

Currently the release date for the third season of the series is Bear, although this is expected to take some time. Hollywood remains mired in a Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) strike. And until the conflict is resolved, the translators will not return to work, so filming will not be able to begin. This leads to the fact that fans of the project have to wait many months to see its new episodes. It is worth noting that the second season premiered in June last year, although it only appeared in Spain in mid-August.

what is it about Bear

Bear focuses on character Carmi Berzatto, an amazing fine-dining chef who decides to return to the family business – a sandwich restaurant. His idea is to turn a run-down establishment into one of the best restaurants in all of Chicago. For this he has a talented partner – young Sydney. While the first season focuses on establishing the dynamics between all the characters and how Karmi tries to fit in with them, the second focuses on updating the setting.

But in addition to having to deal with the restaurant’s many vicissitudes and challenges, Sydney and especially Carmi must also face themselves and their unstructured lives. A series of deep inner journeys of self-discovery and self-destruction. And all this under the promise of offering the best service to the client. After the surprise finale of the second season, there is a great desire to see how the stories continue further. Bear.

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