An unfortunate tragedy occurred Cartagena when a woman hits a woman ray while enjoying the beach. Unfortunately, the tourist died after the crash.

In one video, you can even see the exact moment the person in question was struck by lightning and collapsed.

The victim was accompanied by family members and has been identified. Froilanis Maireth Rivas Novel. This is what is known about him.

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An unfortunate event ended the life of 34-year-old Venezuelan woman Froilanis Maireth.

According to their social networks, The victim had two children: a boy (big) and a girl (little).

She emphasized many times on her Facebook account that she was very happy with her motherhood. Its last broadcast was on October 23, 2023.

He also apparently had a clothing business on Instagram. There is not much information he shares on social networks. However, he always emphasized his love for his children.

According to authorities, the woman died cardiorespiratory arrest after receiving the lightning discharge.

Álvaro Cruz, director of CRUE in Cartagena, described the rapid response of authorities in response to the accident.

The woman was transported from Playa Azul Boquilla to Serena del Mar Hospital by AMI ambulance.He went into the emergency room with cardio-respiratory disease,” said the director of CRUE in Cartagena.

And he added: “Doctors They resuscitated him for 45 minutes.“They later declared him dead.”

Approximately 30 percent of deaths from lightning strikes result from fulminant heart attack. According to medical and research centers, this is due to the effect of a large amount of energy discharge that passes through the body in milliseconds.

This electrical current discharge passes through the body, creating a very high heat peak that causes severe burns and tissue destruction.

Although burns caused by lightning can affect the skin, their main injuries occur at the level of internal tissues. They also cause damage to the central nervous system and brain, as revealed in forensic tests on people killed by lightning strikes.

In fact, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, “about 10% of people struck by lightning die, mostly from heart attacks.”

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Daniel ArangurenDoctor of Electrical Engineering and manager of the lightning detection company Keraunos, in his conversation with ‘Caracol TV’, explained that what happened in Cartagena was “very similar to the 300 deaths that occurred in the Caribbean region.” “The last few years, the last 10 years.”

The expert said, “People unconsciously expose themselves to risk by not perceiving the feeling of rain or bad weather and continue their activities without realizing that there is an electrical storm nearby. The same happened yesterday.”

When asked how many lightning strikes Cartagena on Tuesday, November 14, Aranguren announced that there are approximately 250 rays.

“Lightning started falling about an hour before the incident,” he said.

“The risk is very high in any outdoor activity in these sea/beach conditions. (Yesterday) there was an electrical storm 15 kilometers from the area,” he added.


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Source: Exame

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