Spotify It is one of the most used platforms by those who want to listen to their favorite musical songs as well. digital audio file different themes or characters.

This is also available from the website, In addition to its mobile application, it is also available on other devices such as televisions and tablets.

Although the application in any of the electronic devices is the same, you should know that each of them has its own unique features or characteristics. different functions.

However, although the desktop version has some different features, some people prefer to use the web player.

Spotify web player surpasses app due to openability, according to ‘Tunesfab’ portal directly to the player when the device supports browsers Like Chrome, Firefox. Edge, Opera and Safari.

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Here are the operating systems you should consider:

If you don’t have an updated device, you can still play tracks in the Spotify web player.

Different sound qualities are available in the web player, just like the application, but by default you can listen to music at a lower bit rate, such as 128 kbps. so users cannot change the streaming quality.

When the user has a Spotify Premium subscription, he/she has the opportunity to listen to music at higher quality than 256 kB/s.

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One of the functions that the app has, not the web player, is the permissions function. Users can download songs and listen offline, Also, this is a function only allowed in the premium plan.

Note that if the premium subscription expires, your downloaded songs will not be playable and will cause unwanted storage on your mobile device.


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