ASUS is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to making durable laptops.

In fact, the brand points to a notable example dating back to 1998, when an ASUS P6300 laptop was taken to the Mir space station, where it accompanied cosmonauts on a 600-day mission.

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The laptop not only survived in space, but did so without any problems, highlighting the resilience of the devices.

Over time, ASUS laptops have endured numerous real-life endurance tests, including trips with air medical teams, cross-country races at PATAGONIA 2000, and trips to Mount Everest and the North and South Poles.

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Right now, Many ASUS laptops have passed rigorous testing to US military standards To guarantee its resistance and reliability. These standards are defined by the US military durability standard MIL-STD 810H.

MIL-STD 810H is a testing standard introduced in the 1950s to evaluate the ruggedness and durability of military and electronic equipment under extreme and everyday conditions.

ASUS, for its part, has formalized durability standards and subjected its devices to extensive testing based on this standard.

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2023 ASUS laptops are the first series to meet the MIL-STD 810H standard. It goes through 12 testing methods and 26 different procedures. These tests include temperature testing, drop testing, and dust, sand, and moisture resistance.

Importantly, although the tests simulate extreme conditions, devices must be used in accordance with standard safety practices, even if they have this certification. This ensures optimum performance and long life.

A US military-certified laptop offers long-term durability, saves money and helps protect the environment. It also provides peace of mind and reliability in any situation.

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In this sense, ASUS provides high-quality user experience in various product categories by certifying various devices in the Zenbook, Vivobook, TUF and ASUS Business series.

*This content was rewritten with the help of artificial intelligence based on information provided by Asus and reviewed by a journalist and editor.


Source: Exame

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