Residents of the Heliconias complex in Facatativá blocked a street in that municipality on November 21 to protest the aggressive behavior and scandals of a retired corporal who lived there.

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The show started silently, The group turned into a violent mob when neighbors destroyed the former uniform’s car, motorcycle and other belongings.

The truth is that, Authorities had to transport the man and his family away from old Esmad in a tank with a strong escort.

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Exported old uniform John Leo Rocha Bernal, a retired corporal, is accused by residents of threatening guards with firearms to start other scandals that they consider to be complete and serious.

EL TIEMPO investigated Rocha Bernal’s behavior and found this: He was arrested in 2011, when he was at the rank of second corporal in the Army.

Former soldier at that time While chatting in a store in Facatativá, he fired several shots into the air and was captured. After the detention, Rocha Bernal verbally attacked the police officers who carried out the operation. He defended himself by claiming that he did not kill anyone.

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Moreover, The prosecutor’s office accused the former corporal in 2019 of illegal use of uniforms and insignia for the private use of public power. or State security agencies.

In July of the same year, Rocha Bernal, along with two others, attempted to enter the Military Communications School in Facatativá by dressing as active members of the Army.when they are no longer part of the institution.

Therefore, the warranty control judge He protected him by depriving him of some degree of freedom in his place of residence.

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Moreover There is another incident involving the former corporal that is being investigated by authorities.

This is an attempted hitman of which Rocha Bernal fell victim in 2018. In the neighborhood of Santa Rita de Facatativá, two men riding a motorcycle shot him in the legs, causing some injuries.

EL TIEMPO contacted the former military man and he started by providing the following: The trouble with the neighbors started because of complaints he made to the administration about some residents who were apparently dealing drugs. He was in an apartment in Heliconias and said he never hit the guard.

“I was detained in the prosecutor’s shelter. After the medical examination, they brought me here and detained me. I already know who the people who took me and my family out were. I will not act in the name of the law because the law does not work, one day I will leave here and they will pay me money.“I don’t mind being incarcerated,” Rocha Bernal said.

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He added: “What they did was despicable and they took advantage of the fact that they saw me with a gun and had the police search me after they took me out. I had some guns, some were safe to use. “We had two pistols, a short pistol, a Browning pistol and an assault rifle.”

The former soldier also told EL TIEMPO: He stated that all judicial processes in which he was involved were active and that he was ready to respond to the authorities. He also assured that the law firm De La Espriella Lawyers Enterprise would represent him in the case, but from there they assured him that this was false.

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