Having a good vehicle for work, play or study can be decisive in performing daily tasks in an agile and intelligent way. Efficient processor, high storage capacity, updated operating system and stylish design are just a few of the details you should pay attention to when choosing your new laptop.

So, is there a model that can offer advanced features so that you can complete your tasks with all the necessary competence? Dell’s new Inspiron 15 promises to solve this problem.

The new Inspiron 15 is the brand’s latest launch and adapts to different user needs, offering greater agility and a slim, ergonomic design when performing daily functions.

Discover the main features of this model and who knows, you can take advantage of Black Friday to secure it!

Your tasks are completed in the blink of an eye

The 13th generation Intel Core i7-1355U processor in Dell’s new Inspiron 15 makes it possible to work with heavier files that require high machine performance and to perform activities simultaneously and quickly. It is a perfect alternative for those who want to fulfill different demands in one day.

Offered with Windows 11 operating system that guarantees faster performance and offers new smart features, intuitive design and universal search, the new Inspiron 15 has 16 GB RAM and 512 GB and 1 TB SSD storage options. These features are necessary to guarantee greater fluidity without bottlenecks occurring, for example, when executing an application.

Additionally, the NVIDIA GeForce MX550 2GB GDDR6 graphics card means that image processing tasks do not impact the laptop’s overall performance. That’s why the new Inspiron 15 is an attractive model with powerful action for those looking for greater agility and efficiency in their routine work.

More stylish and adaptable

The new Inspiron 15’s design goes well beyond that of a ruggedly specced laptop, it features a backlit, Portuguese numeric keyboard and fingerprint reader. The model, which has a stylish aluminum cover on its cover, has a 15.6” screen in Full HD and Full HD Touch versions and is available in the model with 512GB SSD.

Plus, Dell ComfortView software lets you spend more time in front of the screen as it reduces blue light emissions and makes your eyes more comfortable while viewing.

dell black friday laptop

Beyond its style and ergonomic design, the model features adaptive thermal elements; This means that whether you use it at a desk or on your lap, the computer will adapt to continue operating at full efficiency.

Another important detail of its adaptability to every situation is that, with ExpressCharge, the laptop can charge 80% of its battery in 60 minutes when plugged in. This guarantees greater freedom and speed when it needs to be used.

Links and details that make a difference

discount dell laptop

The new Inspiron 15’s integrated FHD webcam is ideal for those making video calls throughout the day. Apart from image transmission that shows you in the best light, it also comes with two digital microphones that use Artificial Intelligence to reduce background noise, ensuring your voice is loud and clear during calls.

Other practical details of the laptop are that the new model also includes an SD card reader, USB 2.0, headphone jack, HDMI 1.4 input, 1st generation USB 3.2 Type-A and 1st generation USB 3.2 Type-C.

Additionally, designed with the environment in mind, the new Inspiron 15 is made with sustainable material in the form of PCR plastic, with 30% in the palm rest, 30% in the bottom cover, and 50% in the 65W Type-C adapter. It also used up to 20.1% recycled content and up to 79.9% renewable material in the form of FSC-labelled paper fibres.

The new Inspiron 15 laptop ships in packaging made from 100% recyclable and renewable materials and can be recycled through municipal recycling. The system packaging is made from recycled plastic and can be recycled along with other fine plastics. Check your local recycling guidelines.

Black Friday 2023: Take advantage of the season to secure your new Dell Inspiron 15!

Dell is offering special Black Friday offers for you to take advantage and secure the latest Inspiron 15. With its quality consultancy service that helps you choose the model that best suits your needs, the company also allows you to make interest-free payments in up to 12 installments. installment, free shipping and 1 year warranty.

Laptops like the new Inspiron 15, as well as some other products, will also have special prices during Black Friday. Gaming laptops, business laptops, desktops, accessories, monitors, backpacks and much more at attractive prices.

Take advantage of Black Friday 2023 to secure your latest laptop. Check out the offers on the official website!

Source: Tec Mundo

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