one in five women An Indian national wanted by Interpol has just crashed at the Rafael Núñez international airport in Cartagena. while trying to enter the country as a guest at a luxury wedding.

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The woman was on the plane He came from Miami and used his US citizenship to pass immigration checks. However, while passing through the checkpoints, the alarm was activated due to the activation of the red circular upon the request of the justice system of another country: India.

According to information Although the captured person, to whom EL TIEMPO has access, is American and Indian, his connection with Colombia is being investigated. by last name.

About Anushka Danielle Silva, 37 years oldthe one who makes sure he gets invited to one of his closest friends’ wedding.

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But besides being on the wedding guest list, Appears to be in the process of a million-dollar fraud dating back to September 2011In the city of Mumbai (India).

Silva moves towards part of the board With the board of directors and others of a major infrastructure company an illegal association.

By file He defrauded many people whom this newspaper had access to through the sale of luxury properties.

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from beginning to end It was alleged that he defrauded people with mortgage bills and managed to steal nearly 77 million with these deceptions. The rupee is equivalent to three thousand seven hundred million pesos.

Silva is currently listed As a senior manager of the mixed-use and retail team of a company with a real estate investment business and is headquartered in the United States, as well as a presence in Europe and the Asia Pacific.

Right now It is available at the International Relations Directorate of the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, The person who has already notified the embassy of that country about the capture of the American-Indian citizen.

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By In parallel, foreign authorities are investigating whether some of the money they obtained from fraud could reach Colombia. So what information did the friend who invited him to his wedding in Cartagena have about this?

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Source: Exame

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