The story of 25-year-old Brazilian woman Camila Oliveira, who continues to travel the world. The young woman shared on social networks in recent hours A series of recordings and images showing her husband Juninho Virgilio having sexual intercourse with her father Edielson Oliveira.

Originally from the São Paulo municipality of Araraquara, the woman discovered abundant evidence on her father’s mobile phone of the closeness her husband and his father had recently shared.

The young woman had a huge nervous breakdown and shared all the images on social networks. There are even versions that claim that her husband and father distributed her speeches to her neighborhood. It is also said that he even burned Virgilio’s car.

And now, when the case is positioned as an international trend, The great Juninho Virgilio decided to break the silence. In his statement: Report of alleged threats.

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Through social networks, Virgilio decided to confront the harsh criticism he had received in recent hours.

“This misfortune threatens me”The man described the pressure he would allegedly receive from his wife’s father to continue their potential love affair.

“He’s threatening me, blackmailing me, he’s trash.”Virgilio stated this on Facebook.

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The young man agrees to discuss, but assures that he will explain in detail what happened in the coming days with the help of a team of lawyers.

“Those who believe that I am the guilty should know that that idiot threatened me because I was in need. You tend to be on the wrong side, I made a mistake, I accept the other option,” the young man closed your message.


Source: Exame

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