VK is going to open a new office in Minsk, these plans have already been agreed upon by the holding’s leadership and the Belarusian ambassador to the Russian Federation, Kommersant has learned. The company can develop the most promising areas and attract local developers.

VK may open a new office in Minsk in the coming months – Kommersant

According to the publication’s sources, the start-up of the new office could take place before the end of the year. The country’s embassy confirmed those plans, adding that in June, Ambassador Dmitry Krutoy came to the company’s Moscow office to meet with Maxim Tadevosyan, the company’s vice president for the development of new business areas.

VK itself said that they were “exploring the possibility of opening an office in the coming months”. The company is already actively developing content services in the country to strengthen its presence. For example, VK Music previously launched local sections in several CIS countries, including Belarus.

Traffic to the social network “VKontakte” from Belarus in June was 3.17% of the global, to “Odnoklassniki” – 4.17%, to Mail.ru – 3.29%. Such data is provided by SimilarWeb. Most of the traffic came from Russia: between 75% and 83%.

According to Karen Kazaryan, CEO of the Internet Research Institute, the holding aims to further the development of the region. According to him, today VK is at the top of the segment of social networks in the republic.

To expand its activities, a company can register a “daughter” or representative office in Belarus, the laws there are similar to those in Russia, explains Roman Moskovskikh, an expert at the Moscow Digital School.

As Sergei Babich, director of the international forum of the music industry Colisium, points out, there are many qualified game developers in Belarus. He admits that VK will involve them in his projects.

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VK is already developing a domestic game engine called Nau Engine. The holding estimates its own investments in the project at 1 billion rubles.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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