In recent years, Colombians have faced an economic crisis that has affected the pockets of the vast majority of the population. Food in the basic family basket has increased greatlyAmong these, the prices of different meats stand out.

The previous situation meant that Colombian families were affected and made drastic decisions to get out of the situation. ‘take the money as far as you can’.

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Recently, a Colombian housewife went viral on different social networks and gained great popularity on social networks. With a notebook and calculator in hand, she did the math to convince her husband that it was cheaper to have a regular lunch. Preparing lunch for two people at home.

In the video, she lists and talks about what ingredients she and her husband bought from her neighborhood store to make their lunch, and she also describes how much each item costs her to make a complete lunch.

“I bought a pound of meat for 8,000 pesos, a pound of rice for $2,500, small oil for 1,000 pesos, bananas in slices for $2,000; “I also spent $3,000 on vegetables and condiments, which makes a total of 16,500 pesos,” the woman noted.

But that’s not all, he stated that for his lunch salad he should take: “Tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and onions costing 4000 pesos” And as if that wasn’t enough, the ingredients for the drink were also missing, “I bought a panelita for $1,200 and four lemons for $1,200”, the sum of the above came to a total of 6,400 pesos.

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Likewise, the woman stated that not only ingredients are needed to prepare lunch, Colombians never take into account the value of the meal. services used for cooking or cleaning tools used to ‘restore the kitchen’.

HE The value of the ingredients the young woman used to prepare her lunch earned her a total of 22,900 pesos. without taking into account cleaning costs, services and time spent, so she argues to her husband and explains why it is cheaper to have a quick lunch in a restaurant.

“It is more profitable to have lunch at a restaurant, you can order whatever you want there for 9,000 pesos, they also serve you soup at Corrientazo“I prepared lunch for you here, without millet soup,” he explained to his partner.

Internet users immediately reacted, commenting: “Laziness can do anything.” “Give me the phone number of the current 9,000, it’s for a mission.” “And time, cooking for two people is not economical and more tiring.”, “Coincidentally, I made the same calculation a few days ago.”

Source: Exame

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