Zoom video calling app now available on Apple TV

Zoom coming to Apple TV 4K takes advantage of the Continuity Camera feature!

Zoom for Home TV is now available on the App Store

Video calling app Zoom is available for Apple TV 4K. After this innovation for tvOS 17 was announced during WWDC23, it can now be seen in the App Store of the Apple multimedia device. Zoom’s arrival on Apple TV 4K leverages Continuity CameraA feature that allows you to use the iPhone as a camera for video calls.

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Zoom now available on Apple TV 4K

Using the new Zoom app is similar to logging into most third-party video streaming apps. For this reason, Accessing a pairing URL on the iPhone is required to enter a code displayed on the TV or manually enter credentials on the screen.

You don’t need to use any type of support to use Continuity Camera on Apple TV. It is enough to hold the iPhone steady, Clever iOS features like Center Framing, which lets you keep people centered on a video call, do the rest.

Continuity Camera was released for macOS last year as a way to use your iPhone’s camera as a webcam. With iOS 17, Continuity Camera added support for starting a FaceTime call on iPhone and then moving it to Apple TV or simply starting a FaceTime call from Apple TV.

To benefit from this innovation, it is necessary to consider the following: The version of Zoom for tvOS is a separate download called ‘Zoom for Home TV’. Of course, Zoom for Apple TV does not have all the functionality available on other devices.

However, it has some great features, such as calendar integration to display shortcuts to upcoming scheduled meetings in a single, easy-to-access view.

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