Representatives of this series will receive a long-awaited feature, until now only available for high-end Samsung phones. Galaxy A, A53 and A54.

This is a camera feature that will help improve the photos on these phones.

According to the report, Camera Assistant is now available for the mid-range Samsung Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A54. Sam Lover. The newly added support is implemented in version of the application.

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What does it do exactly? Camera Assistant allows you to make a number of settings within the Samsung Camera app. These settings include toggles to automatically switch lenses, prioritize speed over focus, and auto HDR.

You can also enable smoother images, a 2x zoom shortcut in the Samsung Camera app, and a quick shutter feature.

Of course, the Galaxy A53 and A54 must have the One UI 6 update installed to function properly.

Source: Digital Trends

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