Nowadays, mobile phones have become an indispensable tool of daily life as they are like a mini computer with which people can make calls, respond to messages, and even work. Unfortunately, These devices often have screens that are not very durable and break easily. However, very few people know that using a mobile phone with a broken screen or protector can cause some health problems.

Although people often put a protective glass on the screen of their mobile phones to prevent their screen from breaking or scratching, in some cases these tend to break, but many continue to use it this way, which can be very dangerous.

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One of the risks a person faces when using a mobile phone in this way is that the microcrystals can cut their skin. This can happen, for example, when you run your finger over a scratched area or hold your mobile phone up to your face. Additionally, these lenses are so small that they are often difficult to remove.

The National College of Opticians-Optometrists (CNOO) states that the main problem of using a cell phone with a broken screen or protector is This causes the screen to distort and makes certain content difficult to read, ultimately putting a lot of strain on your vision. Additionally, if the color of the screen has changed or lines have appeared, this may deteriorate the visual quality.

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If your mobile phone gets wet with rainwater or some liquid splashes on it while walking on the street, there is a risk that it may enter the device and cause irreparable damage. The same thing happens with dust, dirt or garbage in general.


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