A family from the San Judas Tadeo neighborhood in southern Cali, in the middle of a Candlenight celebration. Michel Dayana González Sierra, 15, was reported missing after he went to a nearby store, relatives said.

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In the middle of the search efforts, The owner of the vehicle paint shop in the area reported to the authorities that there was a strange situation at the facility.

Actually, when you enter the place Cali Metropolitan Police found traces of blood on the floor, which led them to search trash cans under the facility’s stairs.

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in this place According to the commander of the Cali Metropolitan Police, they found parts of the little boy’s body and a bagDaniel Gualdrón.

EL TIEMPO found that: There are already clues about the alleged perpetrator of the femicide.

About Harold Andrei Echeverry Orozco, the caretaker of the workshop, to whom the authorities offered a reward of up to 100 million Who does he inform about his whereabouts?

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WITH Echeverry Orozco is charged with violent sexual assault on a child under the age of 14. This seemingly special processIt is located in Cali’s municipal civil court number 15.

About the 32 year old man EL TIEMPO identified him as a native of Ibagué (Tolima). In fact, he was a soldier and was assigned to Military District No. 38 of Ibagué’s former sixth brigade.

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That’s why the police of that department and the Valley They organize operations to find his whereabouts.

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Source: Exame

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